How to Make Splitting with an Axe DIY


With winter, right around the corner, it's time to revive your lumberjacking skills and fill in your firewood supply. Chopping firewood is an age-old tradition that has been carried out in several ways throughout generations. Though there may be many willing to do this task for a few extra bucks, why not try this yourself?
When almost everything has a raw, Do-It-Yourself way to things, why not chopping firewood? Now arises the question, is there a proper way to chop wood? Why, yes! Yes, there is. Let’s find out. Before we go into the method, let’s take a quick look at what tools and other necessities are required.









  • Splitting Axe

Though many people prefer a maul, the axe is the recommended tool. It’s lighter, chops finely and gives one a much less painful experience than a maul.

  • Chopping Block

A chopping block is a sturdy surface upon which the wood to be split in kept. This is usually the remaining trunk of a big tree- gnarly remains with deep roots are recommended.

  • A Strapping Car Tire

Using a nice strong car tire is the best way to make sure you don’t have to continuously bend down after each time you chop the wood and helps make your work faster and tidier.

  • Wood

The most obvious and essential prerequisite, most lumberjacks prefer green wood over seasoned wood as it burns better.

Splitting Firewood by Yourself

Just like any other activity chopping wood can easily be mastered with a little practice. Here is the process unraveled in steps:

  • Placement of the Wood

Place the piece of wood to be chopped right in the middle of the chopping block. Make sure that the piece you have chosen to chop isn’t bigger than the block itself. The whole purpose of using the block is to make sure you have a clear view of the wood and avoid injuring yourself.

  • Placement of the Car Tire

Place the car tire (about 15-20 inches) around the wood you’re going to chop. This provides solid support to the chopped pieces and makes sure none of them fall apart mid-chop.

  • The Swing

Now that your wood's all ready to be chopped, it's time for you to take the swing. Some prefer to take the ax all the way above their heads while some favor their shoulder. It takes some being used to, but, in time you'll discover which suits you the best.
The most important thing about the swing is that it isn't about your strength or the power of your swing- it's all about the velocity. Make sure you swing swift and fast. That makes the splitting way easier than using brute force.
Also, make sure you do this activity in a remote place to avoid hurting other people and that you always maintain enough distance between yourself and the chopping block to ensure your own safety.
That’s it. That’s the DIY way of splitting wood using an ax, all on your own! if you need splitting axe for cutting woods then check out Happy chopping!


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